.NET DEV - help us to produce 50 % of world beer production!

Atlas Copco is everywhere but not that visible. Our world is compressors, vacuum pumps, industrial tools and power technique. Originally, it was a small Swedish company established in 1873. Today we have 39 000 employees worldwide. Work for Atlas Copco and be part of a company whose products help create every third car in the world.

Yes, that is correct. Atlas Copco compressor are used to brew 50 % of all industrially produced beer in the world. And not only that. Thanks to our compressors you can buy for example coffee in your favorite Costa Coffee or ride on perfectly white and powder slopes in the Alps.

But let’s speak about something more interesting for you when it comes to a job opportunity. Within Atlas Copco Group we have an internal organization Compressor Technique - Information Services (CT-IS). The organization has about 200 team members worldwide, mainly in Belgium. We at CT-IS develop and deliver solutions to our internal and external stakeholders catering for a broad range of requirements. With every new project you will get the unique experience of customer interaction during the end-to-end application development lifecycle.

As a part of CT-IS you will help us in our transition from legacy monoliths towards loosely coupled event driven micro-services in an ever-changing landscape of applications that:
• have front ends for mobiles, tablets, and desktops
• have a set of features that remain available in offline mode
• are themable to support multiple brands
• are highly scalable and have a global reach
• are secured using modern yet user friendly authentication methods (AAD, single sign-on, ...)
• integrate using a hybrid integration strategy with an API-first mind set

You will use the newest technologies and modern design practices like:
• .Net Core (C#), Angular, SQL Server, Web API, Dapper (micro-ORM), EF, ...
• SOLID, CQRS, ...
• Azure services like KeyVault, Functions, Static Web Apps, Blob/Table/Queue Storage, ...
• Automate builds and deployments using Azure DevOps repositories (git) and pipelines (yaml)

We practice agile methodologies and try to reduce any administrative overhead as much as possible because we know you're a developer not a bookkeeper ;-) You will be become part of a team of likeminded developers and will be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. And it all surrounded by a casual and open culture of Swedish company.

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